Our Process

Have a look into what we do and how we do!

Web Academy Studios takes pride in its efficient and effective work. To help you fit into the digital web, our 4-phase process is simple, seamless, and easy to follow. Web Academy Studios adapts its process to the uniqueness of each project it delivers

1. Planning

Phase 1 - Strategy and User research

Upon your approval of a quote, our team at Web Academy Studios begins drafting a general sketch that maps out the entire project. After carefully investigating the competitive environment and understanding the project's intended audience, you are presented with a rough sketch of the deliverable and its final outcome.

The Planning phase includes:

  • Studying the competitive landscape
  • Researching the target audience or user
  • Sketching the deliverable or product that meets your digital needs

2. Design

Phase 2 - Designing The Experience

Once we are on the same page, Web Academy Studios essentially transforms the draft sketches to ink., and then from paper - or computer screen - to life. Whatever your digital need, Web Academy Studios proceeds with a detail-oriented approach.

The Design phase includes:

  • High fidelty Wireframes
  • Layout Design
  • High definition prototypes/ mockups
  • Static Implementation

3. Development

Phase 3 - Development & Integration

After the project has come to life, Web Academy Studios values the importance of how each project and product is presented to its audience or end user. For this reason, the development phase involves completing all the necessary programming and content loading, while ensuring both programming and content are up to par.

The Development phase includes:

  • Back end API's / Scripts
  • Back end Integration
  • Database Design, Development and Integration

4. Launch/Testing

Phase 4 - Testing and Quality Assurance

Finally, Web Academy Studios is committed to delivering a project free from any bugs and errors. In this vein, we test the project or product in its production environment to ensure maximum usability and compatibility.

Once the project or product passes through quality assurance, Web Academy Studios launches and publishes it in accordance with your business needs. In other words, we click the button that sends the rocket for liftoff.

The Testing/ Launch phase includes:

  • Unit testing
  • UX testing with the audience scope